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How can I pay for my SmartStore order?
 - Currently all payments must be made in store, at Limegrove Lifestyle Centre. We accept cash (cheques with ID card), Visa and MasterCard.

Does SmartStore charge Sales Tax?
SmartStore charges the appropriate local sales tax (VAT) for all items. VAT is included in all pricing online and in stores.

In the country of Barbados consumers are charged 17.5% VAT on all items. 

Does SmartStore offer any type of Reseller or dealer discount program?
Unfortunately, we do not currently have a reseller or discount program available at this time. SmartStore currently already negotiates the best possible prices for you and offers these great prices to all of our customers through our website, and in store. Anytime we receive any specials or promotions, we immediately post them on our website for you to take advantage of.

Where is your store front?
SmartStore is located on the first floor of Limegrove Lifestyle Center, opposite the Cinema in the heart of Holetown.

What if i don't see what i'm looking for?
Feel free to contact us and request this product and we will get back to you with the possibility of special order.

Are all prices the final price (inclusive of all taxes and shipping)?
Yes all prices are inclusive of all taxes, we currently only offer in store pick-up but will be working hard to provide shipping island wide. Please note that however, our prices are subject to change at anytime, and are not static prices. Our Prices float with the international demand.

How can I contact SmartStore?
In the 'Contact Us' link in the top right menu, you will find our Telephone and E-mail address, feel free to contact us any way you like.